• Cartoon Jam
    Cartoon Jam
    Categoria: Film e TV
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    Whats the best part of watching a show or movie with friends? It's the random conversations, the hilarious stories and the occasional commentary on the actual thing you are watching. This is what Cartoon Jam is all about. Two brothers watching cartoons and having deep and not so deep conversations. From Rick and Morty to Dora See more...
  • Hyper Future Show
    Hyper Future Show
    Categoria: Film e TV
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    Podcast by Hyper Future See more...
  • Peliculas With The Bros.
    Peliculas With The Bros.
    Categoria: Film e TV
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    Welcome to Peliculas With The Bros! Your hosts, Adrian and Ivan , will guide you through a magical journey of movie and television as they discuss and dissect a new film or tv show every week. They also discuss the latest movies, tv and pop culture happenings. See more...